Price Change FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the price change on 1st August 2020

Bill Pay FAQ's

1. When will I start to pay the new rate?

The new rate is effective from 1st August 2020.

2. Will my unit rate decrease automatically?
Yes, your unit rate will decrease from 12am on 1st August 2020
3. Will I need to supply a meter reading on August 1st?
It is not necessary to supply a meter reading as NIE will estimate your meter reading on 1st August and you will then pay the lower unit rate from that meter reading onwards. However, to ensure accuracy in your billing you can supply us with a meter reading on 31st July which we can send to NIE for validation.
4. Will my monthly direct debit decrease along with the price?
Your monthly direct debit is a set amount for a period of 12 months, after the 12 months we will then review your monthly direct debit and decrease or increase it accordingly depending on how the current amount suits your usage. However, you can make changes to your monthly direct debit throughout the 12 months by contacting our customer service team.
5. Why are there 4 meter reads on my bill?
The reason 4 meter reads are showing on your bill is because of NIE estimating your usage up until the point of the price decrease.
6. Why are there 2 prices on my bill?
Because we bill on a quarterly basis and the price decrease may not mean the beginning of a new quarter for most people, you will have usage charged at our old higher rate and usage charged at our new lower rate. However, this will amend itself on your next quarterly bill where there will only be one unit rate.

Keypad FAQ's

1. When will I start to pay the new rate?

The new rate is effective from 1st August 2020. You may receive a 40-60 digit tariff change power code before 1st August to enter, please enter it into your meter and your Keypad will automatically change to the new lower rate on 1st August 2020 and the new rate will apply from the date you enter the tariff change code into your meter.

2. What happens to credit on my meter?
All credit on your Keypad meter after 1st August 2020 will be used at the new lower rate.
3. What do I do with the 40-60 digit code I receive when I top up?
Please enter the code into your meter as you would a normal top up.
4. What do I do if I entered the code incorrectly?
Don’t panic, you will receive a rejected message, and then incorrect. Simply press the * key, and enter the power code again, followed by the # key.
5. What to do if I haven’t entered the special power code onto my keypad meter?
You must enter the 40-60 digit power code onto your meter, or all future codes will fail and you will get a rejected message, followed by Wrong Tar. To enable future top up codes to be accepted, you must enter the 40-60 digit power code and then the top up code you purchased.
6. How can I topup my keypad meter?
There are many ways online that you can topup you keypad meter.