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Online Account (Billpay)

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Keypad Account FAQ's

1. How do I top up online for my keypad meter?

You can top up online by registering and saving your details for future top ups, or if you prefer you can top up without registering. You can also download our App on iPhone or Android. See Top up options.

2. How do I enter a top up code into my keypad meter?

Step 1 Press the * button on your keypad meter and enter the top up code

Step 2 When you have the code entered Press the # button - You will then see the message ‘Sending’ on your keypad meter screen.

Step 3 Press * to go back to the previous display screen.

If no button has been pressed on your keypad meter for 20 seconds, the keypad meter will default back to main display screen.

If you need to find out your most recent keypad meter top up code please call 0345 600 5335, select Option 1 for keypad meter top up and then Option 2 to hear your last top up code.

More information is available in the Electric Ireland Help Section.

3. Where can I find my Keypad Number?

You will find your keypad number on the front of your keypad meter top up card. It is a 19 digit number and you will need it to top up online, in a Paypoint outlet or by phone.

Billpay Online Account FAQ's

1. What do I need to sign up for Online Billing?

To sign up for Online Billing you will need:

  • Your Electric Ireland account number
  • our MPRN number
  • Your contact number you provided when joining Electric Ireland
Once you have all these details you can sign up and login to Your Account Online to access your account information when and where you choose.
2. Can I register all my accounts at the one time if I have more then one Electric Ireland account?

All accounts registered in your name will automatically appear in your Online Billing account. If you want to add an additional account where you are not the registered account holder, visit our help centre visit our help centre.

3. How will I get my bonus after I switch?

Your Online Billing Bonus will be paid when your switch to Electric Ireland is complete and will appear on your first bill.

If you fail to register for Online Billing within 90 days of your switch to us your £5 bonus will be debited from your next bill.

Sign up for or login to Your Account Online to access your account information when and where you choose.