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How do I top up online for my keypad meter?

Download our Top up app now

Top Up with no fuss with our simple keypad top-up app, available on iPhone and Android.

You can top up online by registering and saving your details for future top ups, or if you prefer you can top up without registering. Select your preferred option below.

Top up without registering Log in and top up Register and top up

The minimum top up is £5 with increases of £1 available thereafter.
Maximum top up is £150.

You can also buy your top up at your nearest PayPoint outlet or by calling our 24/7 automated keypad top up service on 0345 600 5335.

If you need to find out your most recent keypad meter top up code please call 0345 600 5335, select Option 1 for keypad meter top up and then Option 2 to hear your last top up code.

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