Online Account Management

Online Account Management

Business Online for Large Energy Users

Manage Your Business Account Online

Whatever your business, understanding your energy costs is smart. Having immediate online access to your business accounts and a full picture of your energy costs from any phone, laptop or tablet, is smarter. That’s exactly what you get with Business Online from Electric Ireland.

BOL Reports

Energy Reports

Access detailed energy reports for unit consumption, maximum demand, MIC, Power Factor, Carbon Emissions, Gas Capacity and more. If you rely on interval data reads, you can monitor and control energy usage, and explore monthly, daily, hourly or quarterly energy consumption*.
* profile meters only

BOL Account Management

Account Management

Download current and historic bills, make payments with debit or credit card, set up direct debit and submit meter readings. If you have multiple accounts - access all of them in one place - electricity or gas accounts located in either ROI or NI.

BOL Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing

Receive bill notifications via email and go paperless or choose to continue receiving paper bills and access Business Online at the same time.

BOL User Management

User Management

Add or remove both internal users and 3rd parties. Limit individual user access to some or all accounts and view user activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for Business Online?

Simply complete the registration form to sign up. If you have multiple accounts, please sign up with one account first and then add more accounts once you login to Business Online. Please note that you will receive an email with a link to setup your password immediately after registering. You must click on this link and enter a password of your choice as otherwise you will not be able to access your account.

How long does the registration process take?

All new registrations are manually reviewed. Please allow one working day for processing, however, usually registrations are reviewed within a couple of hours. If the details provided are correct, you will receive an email confirming registration.

How can I add multiple users?

With Business Online you have the flexibility to provide access to multiple users or third parties. There are two user types: admin and non-admin. An admin user has full access to account including adding other users and viewing all registered accounts. A non-admin user can only view accounts that you give access to. For example, if you have 8 accounts, you can limit access to specific users to 3 accounts only. To add a new user, simply login to Business Online and navigate to Users page.

Can I access multiple accounts of multiple companies?

Yes, an existing admin user of a Company who may have multiple accounts under their profile can give access to other users. These users can also be given access on other Company profiles.

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