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Game Changers

Electric Ireland, in association with the Irish FA, are the proud sponsor of women’s football across all levels in Northern Ireland working to increase participation, attendance at games and increase media coverage.

A Message to All Our Game Changers

We hope that you are staying safe and well at this uncertain time. While the game has taken some time out, we will continue to look out for one another. To shine a light for women’s football. We’re stronger together, even if we are apart. And that’s why we’ll continue to share some Game Changing positivity. To the parents, the coaches, the teams, the players, the supports and the fans- stay tuned! Following the Game Changers movement by checking out our channels and following the conversation at #GameChangersNI

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Proudly Supporting Women’s Football in NI

Electric Ireland is proud to power women's football in Northern Ireland. Over the past two years, participation has increased by 25% and it's not slowing down.

  • We are clear in our objectives, we will work with the Irish FA to provide more opportunities for females to play football.
  • We will continue talking about our local Game Changers and increase media coverage of the female game.
  • We will encourage everyone to support this beautiful game and increase attendances at all Senior international games

  • Follow the conversation at #GameChangersNI

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    #GameChangersNI IFA Colouring Sheets

    Looking for a fun activity to keep the kids entertained at home?

    Why not keep the Game Changers NI conversation going and download our free colouring template!

    We would love to see them! Take a picture and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tagging us and using #GameChangersNI

    #GameChangersNI Colouring Sheets 2021

    NI4Kids Competition 2020

    Proudly supporting women in NI - 478x485px

    Keepy up challenge - 478x485px

    Take on the Northern Ireland Senior Women’s Keepy Up challenge from home:

    • Get in a plank position with a balloon in one hand
    • Keep your core tight & use one hand at a time to tap the balloon from side to side, lifting one hand off the ground at a time
    • See how many balloon taps you can get before you or your balloon drops to the ground!
    • Don’t forget to count! (no cheating)
    • No balloon? Improvise using another safe household object – Kitchen foil rolled into a ball, a kitchen towel being passed from side to side

      Get involved and take on the challenge using #GameChangersNI on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag your friends to challenge them

    Define a Game Changer

    How would you define a Game changer? Electric Ireland were joined by Casey Stoney and Northern Ireland Senior Women's players Julie Nelson, Marissa Callaghan and Megan Bell to discuss their views.

    We can all be a Game Changer, both on and off the pitch.


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    Shooting Stars- Game Changers

    Shooting Stars

    If you have a budding footballer at home why not let them explore their skills through the Electric Ireland Shooting Stars programme.

    Whether your little girl is only starting out or developing her skills to become a pro, we are with her every step of the way.

    With 18 centres across Northern Ireland, it’s never too early to help them on their way to becoming a game changer.

    Hopefully, we’ll be able to see some of you at a Shooting Stars session soon, in the meantime why not take the IFA Shooting Stars challenge.


    Benefits of playing Sport

    Take it from us, sport can be a Game Changer.

    Taking part in sport can help us feel fitter, healthier and mentally strong, and that is just the start of it. Sport can also be fun, especially when played as part of a team or with family or friends.

    Check out our blog for the top benefits of playing sport

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    The Game is Changing

    The Game is changing! Women’s football is on a journey and Electric Ireland, in proud partnership with the Irish Football Association are delighted to be part of it!.


    Follow the Conversation at #GameChangersNI

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