COVID-19 Customer Update


Customer Update

We continue to support our Customers

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we want to reassure you that it is business as usual at Electric Ireland.

We intend to provide all of our customers with the same levels of care and service that you are used to. We are monitoring the situation and have plans in place to ensure that, no matter what happens, we are here to support you.

Residential Customer Services (NI)

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we want to reassure you that it is business as usual at Electric Ireland. We intend to provide all of our customers with the same levels of care and service that you are used to. We are monitoring the situation and have plans in place to ensure that, no matter what happens, we are here to support you

Contacting us
We ask that while we work to give the best possible service to all our customers, you give consideration as to how you contact us.

If you have any questions at this time, in the first instance please visit our comprehensive Help Centre where you may find the answers you are looking for. Alternatively, should you need to contact directly, where possible, please do so online in order to keep our telephone lines open for vulnerable customers or those who may have no other way of contacting us.

We can be reached in the following ways:
Email –
Facebook – Electric Ireland NI

Telephone - 0345 600 5335 – reserved for those customers who are not online Mon – Fri 08:30 – 19:00. We ask that you remain patient if you are telephoning us as our phonelines are experiencing a high volume of calls.

Pay and Go / Top Up Electricity Customers
You can top up your meter in any of the following ways:

  • Online - at

  • Telephone – We have a 24/7 automated keypad top up service on 0345 600 5335. Select 1, and then Select 1 again to top up your meter with your Debit or Credit Card.

  • Paypoint – Where you see the PayPoint sign. You can also find your nearest Paypoint outlet on their website.

  • App – Download our Top up app now, available on iPhone and Android

  • We would recommend that you keep your electricity meter topped up, for nothing more than peace of mind. Don’t forget to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours who may need help topping up at this time.

    If you have lost your most recent keypad meter top up code – don’t panic. Please call 0345 600 5335 available 24/7, select Option 1 for keypad meter top up and then Option 2 to hear your last top up code.

    Billpay/Credit Electricity Customers
    Manage your account online at - view & download bills, make online payments, setup or amend direct debit, move home and much more.

    Meter Reading
    In relation to meter reading, NIE who manage the meters, will continue to arrange meter readers to call to your homes, but if your meter is located inside your property, they will no longer enter your property to read the meter. Instead they will leave a card with instructions on how you can submit your own meter reading online, by phone or via email. If you do not submit a reading, you should expect an estimated bill for this quarter. If your meter is located outside your premises the meter readers will continue to call and read your electricity meter as normal. If you need to contact NIE directly their Customer Helpline number on 03457 643 643.

    We are conscious of our responsibility as an essential utility service and continue to follow the advice of the health authorities to keep customers and employees safe.

    Online Services for NI Residential Customers

    BILLPAY/Credit - Manage Your Account

    Electricity and Gas Products

    View bills, pay online, move house and more

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    Pay as you go top up

    Top up your account online

    Top Up Online >

    Help Centre

    Help Centre

    See our helpful guides and FAQ's

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    NI Residential Customers

    PAYG Customers

    1. How do I top up online for my keypad meter?

    There are multiple ways to top up your Electricity Keypad/PAYG meter including online, over the counter, using our iPhone and Android Apps or on our automated telephone line, to see our help page for all top up options for PAYG Electricity.

    2. I have lost my keypad meter top up code, what can I do?

    If you top up online and you have registered for an online account for top ups you will receive an email with your top up code.

    Alternatively, please call our automated service on 0345 600 5335, select option 1 for keypad top up, then option 2 to hear your most recent top up code. This is available 24/7.

    3. What happens if my Keypad meter runs out and I cannot get to a shop?

    You can top up in a number of ways from your home with a credit or debit card: Online, through our iPhone or Android Apps or using our automated telephone line. See our various top up options.

    Billpay Customers

    1. How do I submit a meter reading?

    You can submit your meter reading in Your Account Online.

    2. How can I view and download my bills online?

    Your bills are available to download at anytime in Your Account Online.

    3. What to I do if I have no power?

    For any electrical interruptions or emergencies you should contact NIE 24 hour emergency number: 03457 643 643

    View all NI Residential Help >

    Business Customer Services (NI)

    It’s business as usual at Electric Ireland and we want to reassure you that our customer care team and online services are operating as normal. We are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will keep you up to date on our plans as they develop.


    Our customer service centre will be operating during normal business hours, in line with NHS and WHO recommendations.

    We apologise for any small delays you may experience. Our call centre will remain open and you can contact us on: 0345 6005335, option 2 from 9am to 5:30pm.

    Our online self-service platform, Business Online, will remain fully operational and we encourage all customers to register/login to get access to the full suite of account management tools. Please visit our comprehensive help section, where you will find guides for using Business Online and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

    Online Services for NI Business Customers


    Business online

    Manage your account online

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    One to One Support

    See our helpful guides and FAQ's

    Find out More


    Business Online

    View online services for business

    More details >

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NI Business Customers

    1. Can I view my business bills online?

    Yes, you can view bills for up to seven years in Business Online. Additionally, you can make card payments, submit meter readings and view detailed consumption reports. If you have not registered for Business Online, you can do so here.

    2. Can I enter a meter reading?

    Yes, to enter a meter reading please click here.

    3. What are your opening hours and how do I contact you?

    To see our opening hours and contact methods please see our business contact page.

    4.How does this effect the management of my flexible electricity and gas contract?

    We are committed to providing efficient and effective customer service options at this time. Our trading service will be available during business hours as normal. Customers will have full access to Flexible Product Manager and we encourage you to self-serve where possible. To maintain efficient and effective customer service, our trading desk will only respond to customer queries via email until further notice.

    5. My bill seems higher than normal, what should I do?

    Your bill may be based on an estimated reading or there may be other factors involved. Read more about the potential reasons in our online help centre.

    6. My business is closed / temporarily shut down - what can Electric Ireland do to help me manage my costs?

    Please contact us with any concerns regarding payment of your bill, we can request the Distribution Network Operator to review your Availability Charges as a result of the cessation of consumption at your site.

    View all NI Business Help >

    If you are a Residential or Business customer in Republic of Ireland, please visit our dedicated Republic of Ireland website