When you make the team, the team makes you

Our latest phase of the Game Changers campaign explores the theme of resilience and the positive impact that being part of a team can have on teenage girls later in life. Through this campaign we want to spark discussions in homes and classrooms across Northern Ireland around the long-term benefits of playing football for girls. And learn how by being part of a team you develop core characteristics that create a resilient mindset.

We want to show young girls that you don’t have to be the best or play to the highest standards to reap the real rewards that come from playing sport and show girls that ultimately when you make the team, whether it’s the firsts or the fifths, the team makes you.

We asked some Northern Ireland Game Changers about what being part of a team means to them.

Joely Andrews talks about Resilience

Joely, the superfast midfielder for Glentoran and Northern Ireland tells us what being part of a team gives her, from building confidence to learning how to problem solve.

Lauren Wade talks about Confidence

Lauren, the Reading FC winger, known for her speed as well as her goal scoring shares how football has helped her gain confidence and create new friendships and create a sense of family.

Simone Magill talks about Strength

Simone, who plays for Aston Villa and holds the world record for fastest ever goal at international level reveals the freedom she feels when she plays and the strength she has gained from being a team player both on and off the pitch.

Building Resilience through football with the 7 Cs

When you play football, you build aptitudes that will serve different areas of your life–throughout your life. These are called the 7 Cs of Resilience, the core skills that equip you to better deal with adversity, change, and risk. Dr Kenneth Ginsburg developed the concept in 2006, emphasising the importance of the 7 Cs to building inner strength and utilising outside resources. At Electric Ireland, we support girls and women’s football not only because of our love of the game, but because it helps them become more resilient, and ready for the world. Let’s look at each of the 7 Cs of Resilience in turn.


#1 Competence

Playing football teaches you more than how to kick a ball. It teaches you to tackle problems from a different angle. So you can achieve your goals.

#2 Confidence

Football takes skill. But it also takes guts. Team sports can help girls learn how to put themselves forward both on and off the pitch.


#3 Connection

When you play football, you’re part of a team. You become part of something that will be there for you long after you hang up your boots.

#4 Character

In football, you learn not to give up. To go for the win. In the game, and in life.


#5 Contribution

When you play football, you have an impact. You learn that what you do matters. To your team, and your community.

#6 Coping

In football, you’ll face challenges. You’ll learn how to tackle them. And overcome them.


#7 Control

In football and in life, you’ll make decisions. You’ll see how they contribute to your team’s success. And how they can positively impact you.

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