Smarter Spring Cleaning for Your Electrical Devices

Learn our spring cleaning advice for electrical devices around your home and start enjoy smarter living with Electric Ireland.

When we hear the words ‘Spring Cleaning’ we often think about the garage clear-out, the dreaded deep-clean or the annual de-clutter. This is all great stuff, but when was the last time we made a plan to clean the crumbs from our keyboards or sanitise our mobile phones? This year let’s focus on our electrical devices with some smart spring-cleaning tips from the people at Electric Ireland.


Mobile phones are bacteria magnets, to keep them clean we must sanitise them regularly. Follow the simple dos and don’ts below to safely sanitise your phone.


  1. Turn off your phone and unplug it from the charger.
  2. Use a lint-free cloth and 70% alcohol solution or 70% alcohol wipes to clean.
  3. Clean phone & protective cover.
  4. If you are unsure how to clean your device, ask your manufacturer.


  1. Avoid rough materials such as paper towels or sponges.
  2. Do not submerge your phone in water.
  3. Never use bleach.


In order to save money and reduce your energy consumption, make the switch to energy saving light bulbs. As well as being eco-friendly, they will last up to 12 times as long as traditional light bulbs!


This is multi-tasking at its finest. As you settle down to watch your favourite show, make a mental note to do some disinfecting as you go. Once you’ve selected what you’d like to watch, remove the batteries from your remote control and get cleaning! Use 70% alcohol wipes or alcohol solution to clean the outside of the remote and a toothpick to remove any grime from around buttons.



In order to keep your electrical appliances in top condition, you need to clean them. For example, a dishwasher can’t produce sparkling dishes if it needs a good clean itself. To clean, remove any parts that can be taken out, scrub them and wipe down the inside with a cloth and warm water. To keep it extra clean, run an empty cycle every few months to descale your machine.

With clean devices and tidy minds, you can start to think about spring cleaning your finances. Switch to Electric Ireland today for up to £50 off you first bill. Existing customers, you can refer a friend for £20 to spend or save as you please.