New Year, New Skills

Five new skills to try in the New Year that will allow you to switch off and embrace new offline interests. Enjoy Smarter Living with Electric Ireland NI

It’s 2022, and before your calendar fills up with resolutions, trips and grand plans, we want to encourage the people of Northern Ireland to learn a new skill for the New Year. So, switch off your TV or phone and get stuck into something new! You might even save some money along the way – now that’s #SmarterLiving

Chess please

A new year brings new possibilities and we have just the challenge for you. Made popular again in 2021 after featuring on a quirky TV series, the age-old game of chess is making a comeback. While we are certainly not experts on the subject, we’d recommend starting with the basics and building your knowledge as you go. Then, when you’ve mastered the basics, you can learn all about the wonderful world of openings, closings and everything in between. 

Dream team

If you are a social butterfly or fancy stepping out of your comfort zone this year, then joining a sports team could be right up your street! Need inspiration? Take a look at our very own NI women's football team! These #GameChangers are taking on the UEFA Euros this Summer and highlight just how amazing it is to be part of a team. If you have little ones at home, why not get them involved from a young age with the Shooting Stars programme across Northern Ireland for children aged 7-11.

Get juggling 

As well as looking cool at a party, juggling is said to help your concentration levels, hand-eye coordination and even boost brain development. If all of this isn’t enough to get you juggling, we’d recommend getting the whole family involved in the fun. Simply buy your colourful balls from a local toy store and see who can master it first. To make things interesting you could even give a prize to the winner!

Say yes to wellness 

Wellness comes in many different forms, whether it’s spending ten minutes a day meditating, going for a walk in the park or even making yourself a nice lunch. So, instead of taking up a skill for the New Year, why not spend 15-20 minutes every day doing something that makes you feel good? Say yes to wellness!

New year #SmarterLiving

With the cost-of-living rising year on year, why not set yourself the Smarter Living challenge. By making lots of small yet significant changes around your household, you could decrease your heating, electricity and even grocery bills. Check out our five money-saving hacks to try at home to get started. 

We hope we have inspired you to take up a new skill for 2022 and remember if you don’t fancy trying any of the skills above you can always try your own! 

Feel free to share your new skills with us using #SmarterLiving on our socials.