Energy Charter Launched to Help Consumers this Winter

Electric Ireland has proudly partnered with: The Utility Regulator, the Consumer Council, the Department for Communities, Department for the Economy, and other gas and electricity suppliers to provide households with extra support measures this winter.

Electric Ireland and other gas and electricity suppliers have voluntarily supported a new energy charter, whose development has been led by the Utility Regulator and the
Consumer Council for Northern Ireland.

In signing up to this Charter, Electric Ireland have agreed to:

  • contribute to a hardship fund for households struggling with their bills;
  • reduce the maximum debt repayment rate amount to 20%;
  • ensure customers on our care register will not be moved onto pre-payment meters, unless it is requested;
  • guarantee that households will not be moved onto a pre-payment meter over the Christmas period, unless they request it;
  • make sure that customers on our care register are aware of the best tariff available; and
  • all consumers will be able to avail of a single website offering clear, up-to-date information on energy efficiency and other matters.

The charter is designed to help all consumers in need. Although, the consumers who are more likely to avail of the charter are those who are vulnerable because of age, disability or illness.

Electric Ireland will adhere to our commitments in the charter until 31st March 2023. At this point, should the need for the protections of the charter continue, we will discuss further options with suppliers.

You can read the charter in full here.