When is the best time to switch energy provider?

Find out the best time to switch energy providers with a helping hand from Electric Ireland.

When it comes to switching energy providers, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about how and when to do it. Whether you are looking for a better deal, moving to a new home or interested in finding out more about when to switch, you’ll find all the Smarter Living tips you need below.   


When you haven’t switched for a while

If you can’t remember the last time you changed energy provider, you may be missing out on a world of great deals and overpaying for your energy. We recommend reviewing your existing bills, calculating how much energy you use and browsing the market to find the right fit for your home.

To turn winter blues into super savings

The best time to switch energy provider is before the temperature drops - around September or October. This is because households start to use more energy in the winter to compensate for the drop in temperature and darker nights, leading to a spike in household utility bills. We recommend switching energy supplier a few weeks before the colder months arrive because the switching process can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete.

If you are moving to a new house

If you’re planning on moving to a new home, it may be a good time to shop around to find the best energy deals. Your new home may be in a different location, use a different energy system or have a larger or smaller surface area to cover. Check out your new property’s energy system to discover the best option for your needs.

If the price is better

For us, anytime is a good time to switch if you can find a better deal. When searching for a new energy provider, homeowners should consider the unit rate available, contract costs and any switching bonuses available. Right now, at Electric Ireland we are offering all new customers a sign-up bonus AND a £60 Tesco voucher! T&C’s apply.

When your current contract expires

As you come to the end of your current energy deal, it can be tempting to continue with the same energy provider out of habit. However, we highly recommend browsing the market for new deals, as the first year with a new provider is usually charged at a reduced rate. For example, new bill paying customers to Electric Ireland can save 10% in their first year or receive a £50 welcome bonus.

If you are interested in changing to Electric Ireland, you can switch and save online today. T&C’s apply. Or if you’re already a customer of ours, call us on 0345 600 5335 to learn how we can help.