Smarter ways to make your smartphone battery last longer

Achieve a longer battery life on your smartphone with top tips from Electric Ireland that can help you enjoy Smarter Living.

Smartphones are amazing. We rely on them for almost everything, from tracking our steps and paying for morning coffee to sending meeting requests and browsing the web. While all of this is incredibly convenient, keeping our power-hungry gadgets charged throughout the day can be quite the challenge. At Electric Ireland, we feel your pain and have compiled a list of top tips to help reserve your battery life between charges.  


  1. Say ‘no’ to notifications

    Every time your phone lights up with an email, Snapchat, Facebook Like or WhatsApp message, you lose a little bit of power. By keeping your notifications to a minimum, you will save your battery life and save yourself the headache of clearing away the pop-ups.

  2. Take care of your battery health                                                                                         Most of us leave our phones charging overnight, but it turns out that we are actually damaging the battery through overcharging, not to mention spending unnecessary pennies by wasting energy. So, remember to switch off your plug once charged, as long-term overcharging will reduce a smartphone’s battery lifespan.        Experts recommend that we charge our phone to around 80% if we want the battery to stand the test of time. Another top tip is to charge your phone before it reaches 10%, as this will also damage the battery in the long run. 

  3. Be loud & proud

    While most people keep their phone on vibrate to avoid the constant ‘ding’ of noisy notifications, this is a serious battery drainer. To reserve your battery, we’d recommend placing your phone on loud and turning the volume down low to avoid the eye rolling of passers-by.

  4. Keep the brightness low

    The brighter the screen the lower the battery life. If your battery is low or you wish to preserve it for the day ahead, adjust the brightness to match your surroundings. Most phones will adjust automatically, if they don’t you can change the brightness in your display settings.


  5. Kill apps working in the background
    To save battery life and speed up your phone in general, close any apps that you  are not using. You’d be surprised how many apps continue to work away in the        background long after you’ve closed them to access your location and to send relevant push notifications.

If you’re reading this blog post on your smartphone, it’s time to give it a go. Try a few of our smartphone top tips to prolong your battery life between charges and embrace Smarter Living today.

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