Urgent Message for customers who have purchased an Electric Ireland top up between 30th Aug from 00.00 to 31st Aug at 13.23

We apologise to all customers who are experiencing problems with top ups purchased between 30th Aug from 00.00 to 31st Aug at 13.23. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue.

Please read all the Q&A fully.

What has happened and who might be affected?
An error has occurred which has capped some meters at a £10 credit limit. Customers who purchased a top up between the 30th of August from 00.00 to 31st of August at 13.23 may be affected. This means that if you purchased a top up of more than £10 you may be unable to add this to your meter.
If you have not purchased a top up in this time period your meter is not affected, please top up as normal.

What are Electric Ireland doing?

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and will provide updates when they are available.

I rely on electricity for medical purposes, what should I do?
If you rely on electricity for medical purposes, please contact us on 0800 313 4926.

What should I do if my electricity is off?
Please contact our Call Centre via this number 0800 313 4926 and we will prioritise getting your power reconnected.

I have topped up and my meter balance is now less than £5.

Please do not purchase any top ups until instructed to do so. We will provide further updates as soon as possible.

I have received a ‘Credit Hi’ message on my meter when I enter a top up.
You will be unable to enter new top ups to you meter until Electric Ireland have cancelled all top ups you have made. It is important you do not purchase any more top ups until we contact you as this will delay the resolution. We are working urgently to resolve the problem.

What happens with the tops ups Electric Ireland have cancelled?
We will re-issue cancelled top ups as soon as possible. Our initial priority is to fix all meters affected. We really appreciate your patience in the meantime.

I’ve activated Emergency or Friendly Credit?
Your power will continue over the weekend until 11am on Monday morning. We are currently implementing a solution and we will contact you.