Switch up your summer spending with Smarter Living tips from Electric Ireland.

It’s time for The Big Summer Switch with Electric Ireland. Check out our Smarter Living tips and find out how to save this summer.

The Big Summer Switch is here and it’s time to save time, money and energy with some Smarter Living tips from Electric Ireland. By making small yet significant changes inside and outside of the home, you are sure to notice the difference to your energy bills.


  • During the summer months it doesn’t get dark to around 10pm. So, turn ‘the big light’ off, open the blinds and let the natural light flow in!
  • With the weather heating up, switch off the telly and switch on your inner explorer. Get outside and make the most of it!
  • By turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree from 19°C to 18°C could cut your energy usage by 10%.
  • Did you know that when you take your phone off the charger it continues using electricity? Charge your phone during the day and turn the plug off when you are finished.
  • Devices left on standby typically make up about 7% of a home’s energy usage. Switch off your electronic devices when not in use to save on your yearly energy bill.
  • When working from home, only charge your computer when required. Leaving it plugged in all day is bad for your device and keeping it on for 8 hours every day will quickly increase your bills.
  • Upgrading your appliances this summer? Make sure to check the EPC rating as some appliances are more efficient than others. We’d recommend not going any lower than a ‘C’ rated appliance.



  • Wait for the next ‘good drying day’ and get your clothes out on the line. This will not only leave your clothes smelling fresh, but you can also lower your tumble dryer costs in the process.
  • When cooking up a storm in the kitchen, pop the lid on your saucepans to save energy and cooking time.
  • It’s salad and sandwich season! Summer is the perfect time to switch up your hot lunch recipes for cool alternatives, all while saving on energy costs as you don’t have to cook it.
  • Have you ever tried a cold shower? The benefits to your body and mind are amazing! Try it out this summer or turn the temperature down a few degrees to save energy.



  • Swap your daily commute by car in favour of other options. Whether you walk, run, bike or hop on a Translink you’ll enjoy the exercise and save fuel.
  • Say hello to your friends and family in person, rather than over text. Get out and about and enjoy face-to-face interactions that will lift your mood and save money in the process.
  • Rather than wasting food or giving into takeaway cravings, try freezing leftovers and using them later to rustle up a tasty meal.

To celebrate a summer of Smarter Living, we are giving all new customers up to £100 when they make the switch to Electric Ireland. Plus, an extra 10% off their monthly bill for the first 12 months.