Retro Christmas gifts through the years.

Remembering the retro toys we were gifted over the years.

When we think about the toys we were gifted as a child, it always sparks a great feeling of nostalgia and joy. Whether it was drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch, jamming with your Walkman or trying to keep the Tamagotchi alive, we all have our retro toys that bring us right back to our childhood. So, if you fancy a blast from the past or an alternative Christmas gift idea for the kids, check out a list of our favourite classic toys below.



Constant beeping through the night, feeding through the day and poop cleaning 24/7 – welcome back to the weird and wonderful world of Tamagotchi! Popular in the 1990s with both kids and adults alike, this classic toy took the world by storm as the first digital pet of its kind. Looking for a stocking filler this Christmas? You can purchase the new and improved Tamagotchi online today.     

Speak and Spell


Long before Siri came along, we had a different type of talking device. Speak and Spell was an educational toy series that used a synthesized voice to ask players to spell out a word. The player would then type the word into the toy and wait to hear either “that is correct” or “that is incorrect”. The great thing about this classic toy, was that kids absolutely loved the idea of a talking machine and were blissfully unaware of the educational benefits.  



Take a look around your office, the train or even just walking down the street. We can almost guarantee that at least one person around you will have a set of headphones or earphones on. While we couldn’t live without portable music today, it’s a relatively new invention as the first device was created in 1979. With the freedom to listen to your favourite album on the go, the Sony Walkman transformed the music industry. Long live the crackly, ear-splitting sound of the Sony Walkman! 

Easy-Bake Ovens


One of the most sought-after Christmas gifts in the 60s was the Easy-Bake Oven. Using two light bulbs to cook, the oven was used to teach kids how to bake mini cakes at a young age. The ovens even came in two different colours – yellow and baby blue.



Long before appearing in Toy Story, the Etch-a-Sketch was invented by a French electrician way back in the 1950s. The bright red frame was home to many a squiggly mess as we turned the two knobs in the hope of creating a masterpiece. When you finished your drawing or wanted to erase it, all you had to do was shake it up and down. Sadly, if you made a mistake along the way you were forced to start all over again as you couldn’t undo a line if you made a mistake. If you are searching for a fun and screen-free way to entertain the kids this Christmas, the original Etch-a-Sketch is available to buy today for under £40.

We hope you felt just as nostalgic reading this post as we did writing it! 

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