Our residential commitments

Smarter LivingEnergy sources are essential for human survival; the availability of energy influences our quality of life and impacts on almost everything we do.  The provision of electricity from a reliable supplier who has our interests at heart can allow us to live smarter in a world that is ever more demanding of our time and resources. 

Electric Ireland has been supplying electricity in Northern Ireland for over a decade, we have strong and deep roots here, most notably with NIE, maintaining the Electricity network and the efficient Coolkeeragh ESB power plant based outside Derry which has been supplying the island of Ireland energy market since 2005. Since 2002 we have been bringing tailored energy solutions to business customers across a number of industries, including agri-food, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing and engineering. And now it is our aim to bring that same first class service that we have been offering to businesses to people in their homes.

The Northern Ireland energy market place is a busy one, with some eight suppliers providing electricity. This rightly provides consumers with the opportunity to source their energy needs from who best meets their needs.  At Electric Ireland our key priority is to maintain the highest standards of customer service while helping customers to gain real value from our energy service.

We strive to always offer the most relevant, affordable and innovative energy solutions that answer the needs of our customers and the way they use our electricity service. We know that our customers want to control their energy in a more sustainable way and we work to help them do this, in short, we help them to live smarter.