7 Spring energy saving tips for your home

7 Spring energy saving tips for your home

With the clock going forward last Sunday, spring has certainly sprung, and with April just around the corner, the warmer summer evenings are getting closer and closer.  This means you can begin to look forward to longer days, a stretch in the evening, and a bit of sun (well, here’s hoping anyway). 

With the temperature beginning to rise and more sunlight across the day, your home will begin to feel warmer, meaning the time and money spent on heating your home will be significantly reduced in the coming weeks and months.  While this is good news for your pocket, it’s just one of many ways to save energy over the spring / summer period. 

Below we look at seven ways to save energy, and money in spring.

7 Ways to save energy this spring

1. Let the light fill your rooms

When the sun is out, pull back those curtains and let the natural light fill your room.  Not only will this help to heat your room, reducing the need to turn on your heat during the day, but it will also brighten your home for long periods, meaning you don’t have to turn on as many lights (if any at all) during the day. 

2. Reduce your tumble-dryer usage

While the lovely Northern Irish weather can often impact on the ability to air dry clothing, the longer days and warmer spring weather enables us to hang clothing outside on the line, letting the air dry it. So, as the days continue to get warmer, and the evenings longer, be sure to reduce your reliance on the tumble-dryer, and hang your clothes out on the line. If you don’t have a washing line in your garden, it’s a small investment worth making, and doesn’t take up too much room. 

3. Start washing at a lower temperature

If you aren’t already doing so, turn you washing machine down to 30C when washing your clothes over the spring / summer months.

4. Cook smart

The winter months are popular for soups, stews and casseroles, often requiring a lot of cooking time, and plenty of electricity.  Try to get into a habit of cooking smarter during the spring period.  Use a pressure cooker to significantly save time on all your favourite one-pot recipes, or head outside and barbecue when the sun is out.  When it comes to cooking on the hob, be sure to use the right size of ring, so smaller rings for small pan to ensure you aren’t using energy that isn’t needed.

5. Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors

The brighter spring days bring with them plenty of opportunity to get outside and start enjoying the great Northern Irish weather (okay, it will most likely rain, but it’s still good to get outdoors).  Make the most of this by taking the whole family outside and getting away from the TV and games console.  Not only is this great for family time, it also means you’re TV and games consoles will be turned on less, allowing you to splash out on some ice-cream for the family with your savings.

6. Cut down your shower time

Reducing the time you spend in a shower by one minute, and reducing the heat and pressure of the shower can have a big impact on your energy saving over the course of the year.  The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a family of four can save up to £80 a year if you spent one minute less in a shower each day.

7. Layer up

As the evenings get warmer you may be able to stay warm and comfy long into the night by simply adding an extra layer at night.  Rather than turning your central heating on or throwing another log on the stove, throw on a sweater or dressing gown in the spring evenings.  As the warmer summer evenings arrive, the need to layer up will become less, and you can start to open your windows to regulate the temperature in your home.

Bonus energy saving tip

A bonus tip to save on your energy this spring is to switch to an Electric Ireland account today and save up to £50* in the process.  Find out more about how you can switch to Electric Ireland, and begin saving today by visiting our Switch Page.

Have you any spring energy saving tips?

What do you do in spring to help save on your energy and electricity bills?  Share your top tips with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and join the conversation using #SmarterLiving.