Electric Ireland Media Statement 06/09/23

Electric Ireland Media Statement 06/09/23

Of the 4,500 customers potentially impacted by the keypad meter issue the vast majority have received a message from us on the steps to take to reset their meter. We are continuing to contact customers.


The following is important information for those Potentially Impacted Customers whose meters have not yet been reset.


  • When a customer receives the instructions on how to reset their meter we ask they follow them very carefully.
  • Potentially Impacted Customers who have supply should not top up until they receive instruction from us to do so; toping up before receiving the instructions, may delay the reset of the meter.
  • Any affected customer who is out of supply or with a credit balance of below £5 should call us on freephone 0800 313 4926 or email us on supply@electricireland.com and we will determine what steps need to be taken to get their electricity back on as quickly as possible. 
  • We ask those who have a credit balance above £5 not to call us but visit our website www.electricireland.com where they will find further detailed information as we are prioritising those out of supply and on a low balance.


When the issue was identified last Thursday, we immediately moved to isolate it, preventing further customers from being impacted. We also extended our opening times and increased our customer care team to respond as quickly as possible to customer enquiries.


Electric Ireland recognises the impact this issue has had on customers who have been without electricity. Electric Ireland will ensure that that all customer top-up credits will be honoured. In relation to compensation, we are examining this with a view to adhering to regulatory and industry norms, particularly for those customers who lost supply for an extended period. However, our focus remains firmly in the present and restoring all meters to normal.


Electric Ireland appreciates this is very challenging time for those customers potentially affected by a keypad meter issue. We sincerely apologise and assure them we are working with the meter provider and the network operator to restore meter operation to normal.