Electric Ireland joins Quick Check 101 Scheme

Electric Ireland have proudly joined the Quick Check 101 scheme – an initiative run by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in partnership with the Utility Regulator, to help protect our customers against bogus callers.  

What is Quick Check 101?

Not every caller is who they say they are. There are those who may claim to be official representatives from energy or water companies to try and trick their way into your home.  

If you are concerned about the identity of a caller at your door, you can now call 101 (the police non-emergency telephone number), where you will be given the option of going through to the Quick Check facility.  

Your call will be answered by a trained police call handler who will take the details of the company which the caller claims to be working for. The call handler will then contact the organisation/utility supplier to determine whether the caller is genuine.  

If they are not who they say they are or you think that there is something suspicious, the operator will be able to send the police directly to you. 

Our participation in the Quick Check 101 scheme is the latest measure we have taken in providing care and support to our customers. We recently partnered with: Advice NI, Age NI and National Energy Action NI to allow our Customer Care team to provide specialist support to those who may be vulnerable. 

Want to learn more about Quick Check 101? Check out this informative video on our YouTube channel.

You can learn more about the resources we have in place to support all of our customers by visiting our Customer Support Hub: Customer Support Hub | Energy for Home | Electric Ireland NI Help