Creative lunch box ideas for going back to school.

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about getting back into the school routine. One of the most important parts of the school day is a nutritious and delicious lunch. So, say goodbye to boring and uninspiring lunch box meals and hello to a variety of exciting and healthy options sure to fuel your child’s body and mind. From colourful salads to creative wraps, let’s make the back to school experience a tasty one!  

Create your own salad  

Give your kids the opportunity to create their own salad masterpiece by building it themselves. Include a variety of their favourite fillings like cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, baby carrots and peppers. Add some protein with chicken, boiled eggs or chickpeas.  Arrange all veggies in a box and add a small container of their favourite dressing. This way, the kids can dip, dunk or mix their very own salad sensation. 

Wraps and roll-ups  

Swap out regular sandwiches for tasty wraps and roll-ups that offer a fun twist. Use tortillas, gluten-free bread or lettuce leaves as a base and fill them with a variety of fillings such as tuna, meats, cheese, hummus, sliced vegetables or avocado. Roll them up tightly and slice into bite-sized portions for easy eating. Experiment with different food combinations to find their favourite!  

Fresh fruit & yoghurt 

Incorporate a healthy dose of fruit and dairy into your kid’s lunch by packing a fresh fruit and yoghurt delight. Layer Greek yoghurt (or your yoghurt of choice) with colourful fruit such as berries, bananas, mango or whatever you have in the fridge. Top it off with a sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of honey for extra sweetness. This nutritious snack will keep your child energised and full throughout the day.  

Make it snacky  

Keep that hunger at bay with a mix of wholesome and satisfying snacks. Pack a mix of options like trail mix, cereal, veggie sticks and hummus, homemade energy balls or yoghurt covered nuts. These quick and easy snacks provide a boost of energy and are perfect for mid-morning or afternoon cravings.    

Preparing a tasty and well-balanced lunch doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little creativity and planning, you can pack flavour and nutrition into every bite. Get your kids involved in the process because if they’ve helped make their lunch, they’ll love eating it even more!  

We hope you’ve enjoyed our back-to-school tips as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. For more #SmarterLiving tips, visit our latest news page and follow us on our social channels.