Are you a keypad customer?


Electric Ireland is making a change to emergency credit for keypad customers.

From 31st August 2023, the emergency credit available to keypad customers will increase from £1 to £3.

Customers will receive a 40 digit top up code to allow this change to take effect. This is not a price change.

What is emergency credit?

If your credit balance reduces to £1 on your meter an alarm will sound. This will continue for 2 minutes and repeat every half hour, except during the hours of 10pm to 8am. The alarm can be silenced by pressing any button on the meter. When the alarm is silenced, you will automatically get £3 “emergency credit” on your meter. Any emergency credit used will be automatically deducted from your next top up.

If you have any further queries please see our Keypad information on our website or contact us on 0800 313 4926 and via social media.