7 Festive Film Recommendations

You might see the same Christmas movies on repeat every year and while there are some, we never get tired of watching, we have gathered some recommendations that you might not have seen before! So put the fire on, make a delicious cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a Christmas film with all the family.

7 Christmas Movies You Might Not Have Seen Before

Christmas films

Arthur Christmas

The animated 2011 movie is a great watch to enjoy with the kids. Arthur Claus, the goodhearted son of Father Christmas, sets out on Christmas night to find a young girl who’s present failed to make it onto Santa’s high-tech ship in order to save her Christmas! Accompanied only by his free-spirited grandfather, a young Christmas elf and a team of eight magical (yet untrained) reindeer, will he manage to succeed?

Deck the Halls

In some towns it’s a battle among houses to see who has the best Christmas lights display, and in Deck the Halls (2006), a self-proclaimed Christmas expert meets his match when his new neighbour, Buddy Hall, moves to town and decides he wants his house to be seen from space, and the only way to do it is by using Christmas lights. The movie follows a chain of events which puts the pair up against each other and you will be guaranteed some laughs throughout!

Miracle on 24th Street

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without at least one classic, would it? Miracle on 34th Street (1994) is the first theatrical remake of the original 1947 movie where an elderly man, Kris Kringle, fills in for Santa in Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, making him a huge hit throughout Manhattan. Kris claims he is the real Santa Clause with all the kids believing him - except for some people, so he tries his best to prove his authenticity, with the help of 6-year-old Susan!

Love the Coopers

This comedy follows a dysfunctional family who reunite for Christmas (even though they’d rather not!) and shows different flashbacks throughout each of their lives to show what they’ve been going through and problems they’ve all faced, however this brings to light the importance of the holiday.

The Holiday Calendar

This Netflix rom com features a talented photographer stuck in a dead-end job who inherits an antique Advent calendar which may be predicting the future for her. The Calendar reveals to Abby that it is magical and as she continues to open each day, the magic starts to show in real life – and might just point her in the direction of love!

The Polar Express

The polar express

A young boy boards a mysterious train on Christmas Eve and embarks on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus who is preparing presents. Along the way he is joined by several other children who go through a chain of events together and also make the journey a memorable one. When they discover a bell at Santa’s workshop, it’s discovered only a select few can hear it ring for a very special reason!

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

And if you’re really after a festive film you haven’t seen before then check out Netflix’s newest Christmas musical release, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, which follows Jeronicus, an inventor and toymaker who is now at risk of losing his failing pawnbroker shop and has completely lost his creative spark. However, his fate begins to change when his creative granddaughter comes into his life and stays with him until Christmas. After a rocky start, he begins to see she has the same passion as him and ignites hope within him!

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