Urgent - EBSS AFP NI £600 Payment is Ending

The £600 combined Energy Bill support Scheme and Alternative Fuels Payment Northern Ireland is ending on 30th June 2023.

You must have received your voucher and redeemed it by this date as no further payments can be made after this date.

The Post Office can and will not be making payments beyond June 30th 2023.

Please contact us urgently if you have not received your voucher:

  • Email us at schemesupport@electricireland.com
  • Call us on FreePhone 0800 313 4926

We can confirm that approximately 98.5% of Electric Ireland customers have either received their bank transfer or redeemed their voucher payment. 

We are aware that some customers have not yet received their payment and we are working to resolve this to ensure they receive their payment as soon as possible.  The main reasons Customers’ have still to receive their payment are:

  • Unredeemed Vouchers - customers have received their vouchers but have not yet redeemed them. We ask that customers redeem their vouchers at the Post Office as soon as possible and we will be writing to these customers in the coming days to remind them to do so.
  • Cancelled Vouchers - customer vouchers that were issued had to be cancelled. Cancellations occurred mainly due to address issues which prevented delivery of the voucher by the Post Office.

We request that any customer wishing to get in contact regarding their payment or a voucher query, email us at schemesupport@electricireland.com

To support processing customer queries when they email, they should confirm their: full name; full address (including apartment number/ house number); postcode; telephone number; and MPRN or KPN number (found on their Keypad Top-up card), along with their query.

The Electric Ireland team are working hard to ensure delivery of the remaining payments/vouchers as soon as possible.  Due to the high call volumes we are currently experiencing, we ask that customers refrain from calling in order to free up lines to enable vulnerable customers to reach us by phone.

We would like to thank all our customers for their patience as we complete the delivery of the Government’s support scheme.