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Electric Ireland - Billing Queries

How billing works

Your billing cycle depends on the type of meter installed at your business premises. You are charged for the cost of providing you with electricity and for the electricity you use. The rate you pay for your electricity depends on the product you are on. This is shown on your Electric Ireland bill.

Why is my bill higher than usual?

There are several reasons why your Electric Ireland bill may be higher than normal.

Your Electric Ireland bills can be based on actual and estimated meter readings.

Estimated bill

If you see an 'E' beside your meter reading on your bill, then you've received an estimated bill. If this happens, you can submit a meter reading to us and we will issue a new bill, where appropriate.
You can expect to receive two estimated bills each year. And if NIE Networks visit your premises to take a meter reading but they are unable to gain access, you will also receive an estimated bill.

Actual reading

Previous bills have been estimated and your current bill is based on an actual reading. If your estimated bills were lower than your actual consumption, this bill will level out the balance.

Longer billing period

In normal circumstances, bills are issued about every 91 days, but this may vary. Check the number of billing days on your bill, and when comparing previous bills, make sure both bills cover the same number of days.

Change in consumption level

You may be using more electricity or gas than normal. Compare the units used on this bill to previous bills from the same monthly period in the past. As a business customer, you can use Business Online to chart your consumption, demand and costs.

Time of year

Consumption patterns can vary throughout the year. For example, winter versus summer or peak versus non-peak times. When comparing bills, make sure you compare similar billing periods.

Increased electricity or gas prices

There may have been an increase in electricity or gas prices since your last bill. When making comparisons with previous bills, check if the unit rates have changed.

What if my bill has no readings?

Do you have a half hour meter?

If your premises have been fitted with a half hour (HH) profile meter, your bill will be based on your usage at 30 minute intervals.
That means you won’t see 'from' and 'to' dates on your bill, but you can view your 30 minute (HH) profiles anytime at Business Online. If you haven’t signed up yet, Sign up now.

Understand your bill

If you are confused by some of the charges on your Electric Ireland bill then you can get a detailed explanation of your bill here.
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