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Why is my electricity bill amount higher or lower than usual?

Your electricity bill amount could be higher or lower than you expected because:

1. You received an estimated bill

If you see an 'E' beside the meter reading on your bill, you have received an estimated bill.
NIE Networks read your meter 4 times a year. At times NIE Networks may not be able to access your meter so they will estimate your electricity usage.
When we get an actual meter reading from NIE Networks we will adjust your bill. You can also submit a meter reading any time by logging in or signing up to Your Bill Online or by contacting our Customer Care Team on 0345 600 5335.

2. You received a bill with an actual meter reading

Your previous bills may have been estimated and your current bill is based on an actual meter reading. If your previous estimated bills were lower than your actual electricity usage, your current bill will level out the balance.

3. The number of days in this billing period

Your bill is normally issued every 91 days, but sometimes this can change.
You should check the number of days on this bill compared with the number of days in your last bill, this could cause a higher or lower bill amount than expected.

4. The amount of electricity you have used

You need to look at the units you used on this bill compared to your previous bill or your bill from this time last year. Keep in mind that you’ll use more energy during winter months compared with summer months. With Online Billing you can keep track of your consumption.

5. Our prices may have changed

Our electricity prices are subject to change. If we are changing our electricity prices we will notify you 21 days in advance. An increase or decrease in electricity prices will affect your bill amount.

You can pay your electricity bill now by signing up or logging in to your Online Billing account to pay by card.
Alternatively you can phone our Customer Care Team on 0345 600 5335 to make a payment.

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