7 Hobbies to Try in The New Year

After trying to fill gaps in our everyday routines during 2020, you may be in search of a new hobby to kick start the New Year with and make the most of your time. Whether you’re an outdoors person or prefer to enjoy a relaxing activity at home, we have got you covered with our list of 8 hobbies to try in the New Year.

7 Hobbies to Kick Start the New Year With

1. Hiking


Hiking is an extremely beneficial and healthy hobby that anyone can soon pickup. It’s a great way to enjoy the fresh air around you, get your legs moving and take in the nature and views that our country has to offer. So invest in a pair of hiking boots and a backpack and set off on a beginners trail to start with such as the Divis in Belfast, Co.Antrim, or if you’re not used to extreme heights yet, check out our 10 Hidden Walks in Northern Ireland.

2. Photography

If you’re an Instagram fanatic and enjoy aesthetically pleasing pictures, then why not give freelance photography a go? You can even start out using your mobile phone and there are plenty of beauty spots across Northern Ireland that are worth snapping a shot of. After a while of practicing, push yourself and invest in a course and a professional camera if you’re really passionate!

3. Learn a new language

After our 2020 travels were cancelled, we long for the next time we can head off on a plane to explore. With some time to spare before that, try learning a new language that you can take with you. The internet is filled with lots of free resources that can help you such as podcasts and apps like Babbel. Set aside some time in the evening when you’re free to practice and you could have another language under your belt inside 2 months.

4. Embroidery

For those of you who have a creative flair, embroidery might be the hobby you never knew you needed. It used to be enjoyed only by the older generation however nowadays it has become a craze among all ages. All you need is a kit to get started which includes boards and threads. Embroidery is also a great way to relieve stress or help you give up bad habits, which might be the solution to the January Blues!

5. Cycling


Some of us learn how to ride a bike during childhood and then eventually never carry on the hobby, but you can always pick it up again at any stage. Cycling has so many physical and mental benefits as you can enjoy the fresh air and it can be your daily exercise. Cycling is also a great environmentally friendly choice as you can save petrol or diesel on your daily trips to the shop which is helping your pockets and air pollution!

6. Water colouring

Watercolour painting is a therapeutic and fun hobby to get into as you can paint until your heart is content and you might have a new addition for your walls at home by the end of it. You don’t have to be an expert as you only need a few art supplies and techniques to get started and then perhaps work your way up to invest in some professional paints.

7. Book club

Reading is quite a common hobby, and when you finish a book that you have loved, wouldn’t it be great to have someone to discuss it with? So, have you ever thought about joining or starting a book club? Grab your siblings, family members, friends or work colleagues who love reading just as much as you and pick one book for you all to read within a time frame e.g., 1 month. Once you have all completed the book, catch up over a coffee or perhaps create a WhatsApp group to discuss if it was a hit with everyone – or perhaps not!

What hobbies are you spending time on this year? If you plan on reinventing your interests and passions during 2021, let us know using the hashtag #SmarterLiving on our Facebook and Twitter pages.