Five Ways to Save Household Energy this Summer

Learn five easy tips on how to save household energy this summer with Electric Ireland that will help you save time and money.

As the temperature starts to rise and the evenings get brighter, we are counting down the days to summer. And in the same way that we prep our summer wardrobes, gardens and décor for the warmer weather, we should do the same with our household energy consumption. All it takes is a few simple changes and a love for the great outdoors!

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1.      Get outdoors

Switch the telly off and get outdoors this summer. By spending more time outside, you will dramatically decrease your household energy consumption. For example, if the average family spend an evening outside, they will cut down on their television usage, kettle boiling, heating, charging of mobile devices, indoor lights and much more. It all adds up!

2.      Brighter nights and less lights.

Make the most of natural light during the summer months by leaving your blinds or curtains open for as long as possible. With natural light flooding into your home, you will use less energy lighting your home and save money in the process. Plus, by keeping your curtains open during sunny weather, you will soak up free heat for your home!

3.      Ditch the dryer

Summer is the perfect time to give your tumble dryer a well-deserved break. By hanging the washing outside during dry weather you will save big on your household energy costs and enjoy the fresh air on your clothes.  If you don’t have a garden, try drying your washing on a clothes horse inside your home.  

4.      Switch off the oven

By making the switch to cool meals during the summer months, you will save time and energy that usually goes into winter warmer eats. To create tasty meals with zero hassle, we recommend that you plan dishes that require little or no cooking such as salads, smoothie bowls, sandwiches or BBQs.

5.      Reset your heating

Make sure to reset your thermostats during the summer months - by dropping the temperature by up to 2°C you can enjoy significant savings on your household energy bill. If you keep your heating on a timer, adjust the times to suit the increase in weather temperature, as you won’t need the heating on as much, if at all.

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