Darkness Into Light Ambassador: Annette Kelly, Little Penny Thoughts

Darkness Into Light Ambassador: Little Penny Thoughts

Darkness Into Light AmbassadorBlogger and Entrepreneur Annette Kelly of Little Penny Thoughts is an ambassador of Darkness Into Light, proudly supported by Electric Ireland.

We spoke to Annette about her involvement with Darkness Into Light, her passion for mental wellness and the importance she places on spreading kindness.

Promoting Mental Wellness

“I’m a very passionate advocate for mental wellness,” says Annette. “I believe it is the foundation of our overall holistic health and well-being. The mind can dictate the direction of your life, therefore it’s important to check in with your overall mind-set.”

Annette regularly posts messages of positivity on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and has thousands of followers from all over the world.  

The Importance of Kindness

Annette highlights the importance of reaching out to others and finding a balance between being kind to others and ourselves:

“Kindness means a great deal to me and it can make such a difference in our relationships with others.  In the words of Aesop, ‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’.

“Kindness is the way forward, as it can impact people’s lives in a positive uplifting manner. You don’t know what anyone is going through, so as far as possible be kind to others, not forgetting yourself.”
Little Penny Thoughts

“Every day, I aim to find opportunities to make someone laugh or smile. The energy you give is the energy you get. Kindness teamed with compassion can make such a difference to the people you encounter in your daily life. Through my journey with Little Penny Thoughts, it has been very rewarding to make people realise that they are loved and worthwhile in this world.”

Check out our 7 Ways to Be Kind to Ourselves and Others for more inspiration on ways to practice kindness daily. 

Annette’s Involvement in Darkness Into Light

Hailing from County Tyrone, Annette can remember her first experience of Darkness Into Light at a local event. She says, “I have been a very proud supporter of Darkness Into Light since 2016, when I first heard of this fantastic initiative. I have fond memories from the Cookstown walks and I can remember feeling very empowered and quite emotional to see so many people supporting such a worthwhile movement and showing strength through unity.

“What is special about Darkness Into Light is the symbolism of walking through total darkness into the light. We can all go through dark times in our lives, however there is always light by believing there are brighter days ahead.”

Annette highlighted the need for individuals to be able to speak about more about any mental health issues and to not be ashamed. She says, “The alarming statistics are there; lots of people - young and old - are struggling with mental health. It isn’t something to be ashamed of; it is something that can be worked through.”

“I think the people will wake up and walk with us on May 12th as the message of Darkness Into Light is powerful. Great things can be achieved if we unite together, leaving aside differences and work towards the common good of all people in Ireland. This may be a global movement; however, it deeply touches the private lives of people’s homes and hearts who have walked the lonely road of depression or the sheer devastation that is caused after bereavement through suicide.

Electric Ireland and Pieta House, the organisers of Darkness Into Light, have joined together to de-stigmatise suicide and self-harm and promote a message of hope. 

Walk with us from Darkness Into Light at 4.15am on May 12th #DIL2018, proudly supported by Electric Ireland. Sign up at darknessintolight.ie or click below.

Darkness Into LightIf you have been affected any issues mentioned above and need to talk to someone then call Lifeline NI number 0808 808 8000.