A handy checklist for homeowners moving house.

Take the stress out of moving home with a detailed checklist from Electric Ireland NI and enjoy smarter living.

With the great Stamp Duty holiday of 2021, people across the UK are snapping up homes faster than ever. While this is great news for home buyers and quick sales - stamp duty deadlines have left people with less time to plan their big move.  Although we can’t help with the inevitable bickering that comes with moving to a new house, we can help you get prepared with the handy moving home checklist below.

One month to go  

You are one month away from moving into your new home – hurrah! While you can’t pack your essentials just yet, you can take care of a few small yet important tasks that will save you time later in the process.

  • Shop around for strong moving boxes and pre-book a moving company if you are planning on using one.
  • Start packing away any non-essential items such as your unused winter wardrobe, power tools and items in the attic.
  • If you are currently renting, make sure to give your landlord a good notice period to avoid any nasty fines.
  • Create a list of the post you receive over the next month and start changing over your address. This may not seem important at this early stage, but in a week or two you will have more pressing tasks to take care off.
  • Check out the internet providers in your local area and the book a slot for installation.


    Two weeks to go

    As the excitement starts to build, it is important to stay on top of your checklist. With two weeks to go, we’d recommend doing the following…

  • In preparation for moving out, start cooking all of your frozen food - when shopping, only buy the essentials.
  • You can finally start packing up the contents of your house. We’d recommend taking it room by room and labelling each box clearly with the desired destination in your new home. This step requires very little effort and will save you lots of time on moving day.
  • To make moving day as seamless as possible, think about taking a day or two off work. If you have kids or pets, we’d recommend arranging child or pet care ahead of time.
  • If you have time after completing all of the steps above, sign up to your local dentists and doctors ahead of time.


    One week to go

    With only one week to go it’s time to get to organised. Follow the final steps below to make moving day a more enjoyable experience for you and your family.

  • Confirm your completion date with your estate agent and let the moving company know ahead of time.
  • A few days before moving out, start packing any remaining items such as your bed, furniture, clothing and medication.
  • If you are renting your current property, schedule a walk through with your landlord.
  • Dismantle any larger items such as furniture or gardening equipment to save time on moving day.
  • Create your own checklist as you pack - with all the commotion it can be easy to forget things.
  • Pay any remaining bills such as electricity, heating and internet. If you are looking for a new electricity provider in your new home, you can switch and save with our latest price plans online.


    Moving day  

    The big day has finally arrived! As you plan to make the move to your new place, remember all your prep to date and most importantly, have fun.

  • Pack an ‘essentials bag’ to keep in your car while moving. That way, when you arrive at your new house you can find your belongings with ease without rummaging through the moving boxes.
  • Keep the keys of your old house at hand, even the keys you don’t use. If you have keys for your windows, make sure to leave them in a safe place for the new occupants.
  • Give detailed instructions to the moving company about the address of your new home.If you have fragile or valuable items, we recommend highlighting them to the driver.
  • Once you are all packed up, take one more walk around the house you are leaving. Open up cupboards, check counter tops and garden sheds for any items left behind.
  • When you get to your new home, tell the movers where to place your items - if you labelled your boxes in the steps above, this should be a breeze!
  • Last but not least, enjoy your new home!

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