7 Smarter Living Resolutions You Can Keep

7 Simple & Easy New Year's Resolutions

As great as setting goals for the new year is, January can seem daunting enough without putting pressure on yourself.

In keeping with our #SmarterLiving inspiration, below is a list of simple and achievable resolutions that will be easy for you and your family to keep throughout the year - and not just for January! 

Time Happy

Start to set your alarm clock a bit earlier and be amazed by how much you can see and do in 5-10 minutes. Whether it is a few stretches or reading something inspirational (uninterrupted!), those blissful minutes will set you up well for the day.

In an age of where mindfulness apps and self-care are being encouraged, why not make 2019 the year of putting yourself first each day.

Prioritise your Loved Ones

Smarter Living New Year Resolutions - NI MuseumsBefore the year gets away from you, pull out your 2019 calendar and put in dates for quality time with loved ones. Be intentional and mark out dates in your calendar for activities and opportunities to create special moments with family and friends. You could check out a museum from our list of Best Museums in NI or discover of one our top NI Cycle Trails.

Prep School Lunches

Mornings can be a struggle at the best of times so if there is anything that will make the start of the day easier then by all means go for it! We have a great guide to Prepping School Lunches Like a Pro that will save you the stress of rummaging together sandwiches and snacks in the morning.

Start Small

Sometimes we can underestimate the beauty of getting small jobs done around the home. From getting pictures up on the wall to clearing out that downstairs cloakroom, it is those smaller tasks that will bring most satisfaction in the long run.

Need help with DIY tasks? Check out our 7 Handy Hacks for Home Improvements.

Cook Smarter

Smarter Living New Year Resolutions - Easy RecipesGive yourself a break in the kitchen with our endless easy and simple recipes that won’t cost too much to make or take too long to prepare.

For instance, you could have a go at making one of our slow cooker recipes, inspired by some of NI’s favourite foodies. Alternatively, we have a list of tasty soup recipes and Easy January recipes that will get you through the colder months.

Gadget Help

We couldn’t give new year advice without mentioning a few handy electric items to help you keep up those good habits.  Whether it’s a Fitbit or blender, you’ll have 2019 sussed in no time with our 7 Great Electrical Devices to Help your New Year’s Resolutions.

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