7 Fakeaway Recipes to Make at Home

Although most of us are adapting to lockdown life, sometimes you just miss your favourite takeaway. Whether Friday’s dinner is usually an order from the local Chinese, Saturday night is pizza night, or you would normally have a cheeky fish supper on a Tuesday, it’s okay - we’ve got you.

Here are 7 easy fakeaway recipes you can make from the comfort of your own home - some are healthier alternatives and some just super tasty! Who knows, this ‘new normal’ could save you money, improve your culinary skills and believe us when we say… you won’t be disappointed. They definitely pass the taste test!

7 Takeaway Recipes to Recreate at Home

1. Honey Chilli Chicken

Northern Irish blogger @WhatLaurenEats has been supplying the country with lots of brilliant fakeaway recipes during lockdown but her most popular is Honey Chilli Chicken. This delicious recipe can be made with ingredients you most likely already have in the cupboard and is a real treat for the weekend. 

2. Fish and Chips

Homemade fish and chips with mushy peas

If Derry Girls taught us one thing, it’s that you can never predict just how many portions of chips you will need from the fish and chip shop. No need to worry about complicated calculations when you are recreating this classic takeaway at home. This Beer Battered Fish recipe will soon become a close rival for your usual ‘chippy’ order. Serve with mushy peas and lashings of salt and vinegar for the ultimate fakeaway experience.

3. Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza in a pan

While we still can’t go out for our favourite pizza, it doesn’t mean we need to deprive ourselves. Most supermarkets are stocked up again on flour and yeast so it’s a great chance to learn how to make your own pizza dough. You may not always have time to proof your dough, especially if you have other hungry mouths to feed which is why Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Recipe in a pan is a great speedy alternative.

4. Chicken Tikka Masala

If you’re in the mood for Indian, Café Delites Chicken Tikka Masala is a go-to recipe. The tikka yogurt helps tenderise the chicken, keeping it from drying out and adds lots of flavour! This recipe has a great video tutorial you can follow while you prepare. Serve with Nann bread, rice and mango chutney.

5. Doner Kebab

When cooking at home regularly, we can often get stuck in a rut with our meal choices, particularly if you have some fussy-eaters to feed. Chicken and beef mince might be regulars on the dinner table but this Doner Kebab recipe is made with equally delicious lamb mince.  A great meal to spice up your cooking rota and a healthier alternative to the takeaway version

6. The Crispiest Fried Chicken

Homemade Fried Chicken

Fried chicken can normally be a messy task but this delicious recipe from Sainsbury’s has a clever trick to save on dishes. Place your spices in a zip-lock bag, drop the chicken in one piece at a time and shake to coat it. Feel free to amend the spices for whatever you have in the house.

7. The Ultimate Beef Burger

We have high hopes that our favourite drive through restaurants will be open soon but in the meantime you can recreate your favourite burgers at home. Gizzie Erskine has been busy in the kitchen recreating lots of takeaways, including the Big Mac. This recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser with the whole family.

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