Electricity Fixed Price

Fixed Price Electricity

Products for Large Energy Users

Budget certainty in relation to your energy charges

With this product your business can fix your energy unit rates for up to three years. This means that your energy charges will remain unchanged regardless of what happens in external environments.

Fixed Price Electricity is based on a Seasonal Time of Day (STOD) format, which means that different energy charges are applied for different time periods, depending on your own unique consumption patterns across summer, winter, day, night, weekday or weekend. This breakdown of charges ensures you receive the most competitive rates to suit your specific business operation.

Electricity costs are made up of energy charges and regulatory charges. Regulatory charges are set annually by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and we pass these charges through, at cost, as they change.


No exposure to movements in commodities
Degree of budget certainty


Can't take advantage of downward movement in the market

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